Product FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does One Way Fitness offer a warranty?


We offer a 1 year warranty on full parts replacement and a 10 year FRAME warranty included with purchase.  

**We also offer discounted parts after warranty expires.

One Way Fitness Product Condition

One Way Fitness sells brand name fitness equipment, with an inventory that consists of customer returns. This is how we can sell our products for such incredibly low prices. We offer a warranty on every item we sell, which is covered by One Way Fitness and not the manufacturer.

As you view our product pages, you may notice the term “seconds” in the product title. This term is used to notify the manufacturers that we are selling a return product and are authorized to do so. Using the term “seconds” helps our vendors to easily determine if a merchant selling their products online is a legitimate reseller, authorized to sell their returns.

Fitness equipment sold at One Way Fitness are returns, directly from the manufacturer. They are still in mint condition and are resold at amazing discounts. If you have hunted for big-ticket bargains lately, you know they are hard to find. Large products such as exercise equipment sold at heavy discounts by third party retailers are generally returns. Ideally, these products are perfectly fine. They’re fresh off the assembly line, unused, and function as they were designed.

The only difference is that their external packaging was damaged at some point. In theory, the only issue with these products is slight and merely cosmetic. At times, there are scratches or dents that would be minor or out of sight on these items.

By purchasing seconds exercise equipment from One Way Fitness, you get brand-name treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and rowing machines in mint condition at deeply discounted prices. Stop paying full price for exact same fitness equipment that you can get from One Way Fitness for 35% to 70% off the retail price.

What is our quality control for shipping?

1.) Machine physically tested to ensure all moving parts work correctly.
2.) Visually inspected to ensure no broken or loose parts.
3.) Visually inspected to ensure no missing bolts or screws.
4.) Deep clean performed on entire machine to make showroom ready.
5.) Console and screen protected with foam and wrapped in plastic.
6.) Strapped to a pallet to ensure no movement during shipping.

7.) Boxed and secured around the entire outside of machine.
9.) Covered (top to bottom) with thick plastic to ensure moisture stays out.
10.) Final quality control inspection made before being shipped.

Does One Way Fitness offer free user manuals?


All the products we sell offer a link to the user manual on the products page. Please note that many models sell for years and have upgraded versions. When a machine is upgraded, the manual is upgraded as well. If the manual on the product page does not match the version you have received, please contact us and we will send a link to the updated use manual.

Product Versioning

NordicTrack and ProForm do not specify the year a machine was manufactured when they send us machines. For this reason, we do not differentiate a machines year but only the model in our marketing (ex. 2450, 1750, S22i etc.).

Please keep in mind that we sell returns, and do not get to order which machines/models we want as we can only get what is available. It would be impossible for us to promise a customer that they would get a machine that was manufactured in a specific year, and this is why all iterations of a model are deduced into a single product offering.

Do you offer in home assembly?

We do not offer in home assembly as we use a freight company called R & L Carriers who only ships our items curbside (dry area outside of your home). We DO however, offer VIDEOS of how to do a quick and simple disassembly and reassembly of our treadmills if you would like to bring these into your home.

Most videos can be found on our instagram page

How long is shipping and is it free?

Standard shipping takes about 5-20 business days (excluding holidays). We email you once it leaves our warehouse, then you will be contact by our shipping company prior to your delivery.

Shipping is free for items over $749 and $100 for items under $749.